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2013 Saga Legends Basic Figures (Vader Cardback)

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Jesse James:
If a figure's really stellar looking I'm open to it, but I mean I really have to see something stellar.  Otherwise these are fodder to me, not much more.  The price eases that pill enough, but I mean VOTC Han's good enough for me so would I want another Han that isn't as articulated?  I'd need a higher articulation count, thigh strap, better headsculpt, removable vest...  That's what I need for a new ANH Han to hit my shelf. 

A 5 POA figure that maybe has a nice likeness and not much else improved, isn't gonna cut it.

Now, NEW figures...  Even at 5 POA, like a CW Cody, would get my attention.  Especially if they at least feature a removable helmet or something.

Pre-Order at EE

Carded pics of 4 of them at the 'Scum.

I've passed up 2011 Legends Shock Troopers for $4.99 at why pay $6 for a 70's articulated one? Same with Super Battle Droid.

Yeah, yeah,...these are for the kids. Not the ones who stopped watching clone wars, who'd rather text and play video games. These are for ones barely out of diapers, since the kiddie aimed lines never take off (or get axed once they exhaust the characters, like Galactic Heroes) so make realistic figures that tots can't trash quickly.

Even knowing that, that astro droid is still lame. In 1995 they could give R2 his center leg without articulating his feet.

I'm sure I'll skip theses. I haven't even picked up any of the 2012 less articulated figures, so why start now?

Got my hands on a wave 1 case yesterday and like I said over in the mission series 2-pack thread - THESE FIGURES ARE ABSOLUTE CRAP.

On top of that, they didn't use enough glue to keep the bubbles on the card back so all you have to do to unpack these figures is to lightly tug on the bubble and it will come right off the card-back. I'm sure stores are going to be THRILLED by this new feature. Or maybe since they're only supposed to be $6, they won't care, who knows?

The Obi-Wan violates one of the tent-pole tenets that this line SUPPOSEDLY has - that the figures can hold their accessories. The cuffs of Obi-Wan's sleeves interfere with him fully gripping his light-saber. Great job Hasbro!

The sculpts of these figures are "great" only if you compare them to your 1977 Kenner figures and even then that's a horrible comparison since if you're like me, you look at those figures with a sense of nostalgia. These things are just new junk.

Since I only found 1 case, I bought a set to keep on card (I hope the figures stay on card) and the four extras to have 1 opener of each. I'll probably get the remaining four figures to open, but I will not be army building anything from the Legends/Mission Series lines.

So congrats Hasbro - you pushed me back to being a 1-on-card and 1-to-open collector like I was back in the beginning of this line - regardless of whether or not the figure is a new sculpt or an army builder.


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