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Rune Haako:

Interesting.  I definitely like the droid.  It actually reminds me a bit more of the search droids on Utapau in ROTS more than anything else.

Package art Vader reaching out to crush toy Vader's head. Reminds me of a Kids in the Hall sketch.

In the one photo with the diorama, you can see the pack below the Vader, appears to have a clone trooper and battle droid?

Vader's droid seems to be from Revenge of the Sith

Good eye, I popped in ROTS tonight and the droid definitely looks like one from the "construction" scene - though this figure looks to have enlarged/exaggerated appendages. And judging by the packaging and limited articulation on Vader, these aren't part of the "Black series".  :P

Yeah, I think you're right on that Jayson.  Legs on Vader look pretty unarticulated. 

Still, if the $10 price point rumor is true, I'll probably still buy it just for the droid and give the Vader to my boys.  ::) :-[


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