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--- Quote from: McMetal on February  1, 2013, 02:47 PM ---I only want Dr. Ball Medical Droid if he comes with Oola and Hot Tub.

"This is a flu shot!"


--- End quote ---

Awesome. I forgot all about that.

Jesse James:
Been a long while for an interrogation droid...  I bet they can do better, so I'm intrigued in that one.

Methinks the KMart 2-packs opened some eyes...  right price, right figures, and sell-through rates taht were pretty much complete.  I only see a few Ewoks at any given store, which I hope to see those last few clearanced so I can nab one or two for hood swapping.

At CVI, I specifically asked the Derryl if the Kmart 2-packs were kind of a gateaway format for a master/commander, good vs. evil or figure/accessory type of set. Their response, while cryptic, seemed to indicate that something like that was not out of the realm of possibility for the TVC line. Now with the introduction of the Black Series, I see this concept could easily be transferred over. Hopefully it didn't devolve into a figure with small accessory like Vader with IT-O Droid and the like.

There have been at least a couple of different Interrogation Droids over the years.  The more recent one was bigger than the one that came with the CommTech Vader back in '99.  And IIRC, that bigger version was packed in with one of the SAGA Target Exclusive accessory packs, circa 2002/03.

If Hasbro can keep the price on these reasonable, then it might be a cool avenue for getting some droids / bigger accessories out.  Because it sounds like the days of the value added pack-in are over.  They definitely should not try pricing a figure plus mini-droid/accessory like the K-Mart AT-ST hijack 2-packs.  And based on the limited info we've been privy to so far, this sounds more like a Deluxe Figure line than anything else.  Given that, a $12.99 MSRP (or thereabouts) would be something I could deal with.

Jesse James:
I'm more open to the idea if the interrogation droid is very nice...  It should be a little larger than the commtech one and definitely needed more detail.  Oh, if only it lit up.


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