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2013 Movie Heroes Class II Vehicles - Vader Boxes

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From spies at German Toy Fair from JediNews UK:

--- Quote ---Class II vehicles.  Jango's Slave I was shown, but in a new triangular-shaped packaging with the Vader design.
--- End quote ---

[sarcasm]Good news everyone - the super-popular mini-Slave I is being carried forward into the Fall Class II assortment!  [/sarcasm]

Triangular shaped packaging?  I'm interested to see what those look like...  doesn't sound like something that will stack nicely on retailer shelves. 

I guess this goes here, since it'll be in the Vader packaging

ROTS  Jedi Starfighter

First picture I've seen of it.

Was there any indication as to which of the three Class II vehicles that are in Yoda packaging AREN'T getting re-released in the Vader packaging? Or are those cases going to bump the count out to 4 vehicles per box? The only reason I ask is cause I already grabbed a MIB set of the three Yoda-packaging ones, and I'll also get the Vader packaging releases, and I want one of each to open, I'd much rather just wait and open the Vader-packaging re-releases when they come out, but if one of the three aren't getting re-released, I'll grab it now....

I saw Target had clearance stickers on these today for $13.98 each. I guess they are dumping everything outside of figures? I guess we weren't likely to get much else in this line anyway, not that there was a lack of good choices. Non-exclusive vehicles just seem DOA for 2014.

Also saw they had that Rise of Vader set for 50% off...still meh.

Is the Obi-Wan Starfighter the same as the previous releases or is it a scaled down version of the originals?  I've decided to go back and get some ships that I skipped, and I was about to buy this one off of the HTS sale... but I don't want it if it's not basically the same as it's always been.



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