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Jesse, I'm at a point where I will pick and choose and well.  And for many, many years, I bought EVERYTHING!

I think the big issue really is character choice.  I feel that I already have great sculpts of most characters.  That being said, I can think of dozens from the films that I would still like to see in plastic.  Many more if they folded Clone Wars realistic figures into the line.  Rako Hardeen?  Oh yeah!

I think I had said this before, but if Hasbro called it quits on the 3.75 today, I'd be happy. Looked at all together, the collection has to be the most intricate and detailed versions of a fictional world ever produced in toy form.  Nothing else comes close.

My hopes?  That Hasbro can find a balance in the 3.75" figure system to keep it both viable AND profitable.  So what does that mean?

Distribution that works. 
Working closer with the retailers to get figures, etc to stores in a timely and even fashion on a regular schedule.

Balanced Character Selection / Case Packs
We've seen what happens when some fan oriented figures come to market in too high of a quantity.  The fact is that I can STILL find a Yarna as well as a Willrow Hood on the pegs of a TRU store if I really wanted to.  Those figures are now going on 4 - 5 years old.  And this is clearly a case where short-packing is appropriate.  That 15th cantina alien probably needs to be put in this category, and probably needs to be short packed.

There's also a major fact that collectors need to get over:  core characters NEED to stay in the line with a higher degree of regularity than might suit our own sensibilities.  Sure, collectors may have some 30+ renditions of Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, Yoda or Obi-Wan Kenobi.  But these are the characters that sell to parents & kids.  If we want the line to remain viable & profitable, these characters need to be readily available to the much larger market segment that is parents & their kids.

Aside from that, what am I hoping to see?

Continuing on with realistic versions of Clone Wars characters.  The rumblings are that the Clone Wars animated line is coming to a close.  So why not continue the trend of making realist versions of Clone Wars characters?  We already have three of those in Anakin, Obi-Wan and Ahsoka, plus another two scheduled in Mace Windu and Rex.  There are definitely some prime candidates for figures from seasons 4 and 5 that might sell reasonably well.  Darth Maul?  Death Watch?  Savage Opress?  Darth Sidious?

From the OT, there's still plenty of fertile ground.  I can think of a number of renditions of core characters that would be most welcome.  Throw in some of Jabba's goons, Imperials and Rebels and you've got some good 2nd & 3rd tier characters.  And with the PT?  TPM and it's characters need some time off after the TPM 3-D fiasco.  AOTC and ROTS still have some options in terms of character selection, but Hasbro needs to be incredibly selective.

Also, how about working in some more video game characters?  Figures from KOTOR and SWTOR have been pretty well received.  Again, they need to be done very selectively, but if Hasbro is going to keep up with the broadening Star Wars fan market which is very much about video games, they need to approach this market segment seriously.


--- Quote from: Greg on February  7, 2013, 12:56 PM ---Wave 1:
Bespin Vader
212th Clone Trooper
Sand Trooper (this guy actually sold VERY well in my area last year, and I was actually excited for the pauldron variant)
Clone Pilot
Geonosian Warrior
Pablo Jill
Biggs Darklighter

--- End quote ---
Darth Vader #6, so you got one right!

Padme, Anakin, Scout Trooper and Clone Sgt.?


--- Quote from: Jeff on February  7, 2013, 10:51 AM ---

Take a look at the figures they had planned for the first two waves of Droid Factory - not much there that meets the desired "wow factor" you guys are talking about.  Pretty much everything there is the stuff that Force Guy described as "the same old regurgitated crap": Another Arena Padme, R2-D2, AotC Anakin, Vader, Sandtrooper, and at least THREE clones in the first 20 planned figures.

The only real "wow factor" NEW minor characters were the BADs themselves, figures like FA-4 and R5-X2, which we may not even be getting right away.  :(

--- End quote ---

And thats why i decided to quit before the revealing of the 6 inch line. I was bored by what they had revealed and felt it was a good time to get out. I still do think it is and am done with the4 inch line, most importantly i am ok with it. I am going to pick up some of the OT 6 inch figures but just if i like it.

There'll be nothing new for months. Quitting isn't an's a temporary reality for everyone!

Predictions this year:
Wave 1 and 2 are findable, but Hasbro underproduces...some fans are lefting wanting. Mara Jade skyrockets on ebay.

Wave 3 hits  just before Xmas and is never seen again.

Wave 4 is held off for an agonizing street date in spring 2014.

Legends abounds, but like previous legends, no new product (characters) for months. Pegs of R4's accumulate with Mace Windus beside them.

The online Vader Evolutions set becomes this years Pod Racers pack.

2012's Naboo fighters become part of some value pack exclusive, paired with an undesirable vehicle, at a big box retailer that requires paid membership.

2014: Hasbro cancels all vehicles that aren't exclusives.


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