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Looks like Super Hero Hype released some sneak peek pictures of some of the upcoming Man of Steel merchandise. Looks pretty good.

These showed up in force at Wally World in Iowa today. No Movie Masters yet but the rest of it. The $6 range seems a bit better quality wise than TDKR, with some added elbow articulation and better paint apps so far as I saw. Zod is of course, 1 per case of these.

Not sure if it needs its own thread but found the movie masters today at Walmart. Wasn't going to pick them up, but bought Superman and Jor-El.

I saw these figures at Walmart too but couldn't find an Ursa so who cares.

saw these for the first time at wally, basic figures look sorta cool but keeping with the 'new less articulated' "action figures" I easily passed. they did have ONE of the movie masters Supes, and can't say I was totally impressed - I'm still NOT digging the redesigned suit, looks too much like spiderman's basketball material.


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