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What Shock Trooper is this?


Wasn't sure where to ask this. In this lot the kneeling Shock Trooper without the helmet, looks to use the ROTS AT-TE driver mold...I don't remember the mold being used for Shock Troopers.

If it's a custom, it's a well done one.

Jesse James:
Don't recall that mold ever getting used for that figure anywhere I can think of...  Definitely good customs if that's what they are, but weird figure choice if that's the case.

Gotta say it's a custom.  The paint work on some of the edges is a bit soft.  And thus far the ONLY Shock Trooper we've gotten with a removable helmet is the TVC version from the Lost Line Look wave.  This doesn't look like that figure.

Must be a custom. The feet look mold red, not painted, but that could be a parts swap.

Commander Thire had a removable helmet and I thought maybe it was based on him, but that mold was much different (no ball hips, the detail on the right bicep, etc).


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