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Star Wars Movie Spin-Offs?

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Jesse James:
I hear the theme to Joe's Apartment reworked for it.

I'd really like to see them get obscure, like go background on Lobot...  That might be one I have to buy on DVD though.

Bossk's Bungalow... that could be a reality show.  What the Bounty Hunter does on his time off... might have to be on Skinemax though.

Star Wars Origins: Palpatine

The Jedi: First Class

Yoda: The First Jedi (that would be sort of a huge dump on well, everything...)

The Jedi Knight Rises (with Tom Hardy as Darth Bane.)

Jesse James:
Bossk's Bungalow would be awesome...  I think HBO could pull it off.  It would have tons of sex in it, sure, but it could work.  Not much different to Rome, Deadwood, etc., in the gratuitous sex stuff.

Uggg, not even started the the flicks & Disney wants to...


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