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Come one, come all.  We sure could use some new blood and it would be fantastic to have a ten team league. 

League ID# 10461
password: berry

I Am Sith:
I'm in, although I don't know why I continue to bother as I am destined to end my season in obscurity as I have the last five years...

We need to recruit some people folks.  Five just isn't enough to make it worthwhile IMO.  Gotta be some friends you can drag in?  Not Canadians though, they don't understand the game. 

Dressel Rebel:
Okay me and my buddy from high school that normally plays with us will probably join you.

Dressel Rebel:
Me and 2 friends are joining. They both played with us before in different years. So we have at least 8 teams.  I could probably easily add 2 more using my Facebook page if you want 10 instead of 8. I'll wait for feedback before offering slots to anyone else.


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