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The Black Series 3.75" Cardback - Yea or Nay?

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I am an opener, so I couldn't care less about the card design, since it all goes into the recycle bin.  The only packaging I truly disliked was Vintage, since there was never enough bubble for cool accessories, and I disliked the lack of a J-hook.  These new black cards will fit into my recycle bin just fine.

Now, do I understand this right--The figures that look like bootlegs come in the pretty packages, while the pretty figures come in the bootleg packaging?

Yeah, they are kind of dull...a few tweaks could have made the quite special.

I like yavin Luke, and biker scout,
Vader is so reused
and Biggs only variant is the glossy pintjob

darth broem 2:
I am more into the vintage cardbacks, but I barely say half of what was supposed to be on a vintage cardback.  So, maybe my luck will change with these.  That and most people seem to be griping about the selection of figures for the first couple of waves.  Maybe some will actually show up on the pegs in quanitity.  Shocker. 


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