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Got my Slave I on Christmas Eve, and opened it along with my other presents on Christmas Day. This thing is AWESOME. Worth $100? No. $70? You betcha, and I really feel like a thief after getting it for $35.

Literally my only complaints are:

- The wings are a bit rubbery and don't stay fully rotated in "flight mode"
- Carbonite Han is a reeeeeeally tight fit in the "Cargo Hold," to the point where I'll probably never put it in there again
- Lack of a handle for play. The AOTC Jango Slave had one, and it would have been cool here, but no biggie.
- Lack of a pack-in figure. I would have taken that 5 POA Battle Pack Boba, the new one, TVC Boba... any sort of Boba. Again, this kind of goes back to that value thing. You can't have a Slave I without the Fett man!

All really minor complaints when you look at the big picture though. I love the rotating cockpit feature that they took from the LEGO versions of the ship, and the thing is HUGE. Practically doubles as a base/hideout. Can't wait to fly this thing around with the BMF.

I agree with Diddy on all points regarding the ship. I also got mine on Christmas eve and opened it Christmas day. It's a huge ship and a big improvement over the last one. I also wish the wings wound stay in flight mode when held vertically like the original vintage version did. A handle would have made this a lot more play friendly. Anyway, great ship and I'm glad I got it for $35.

I'm actually interested in buying this.


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