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Amazon preorders up. $50.


Jesse James:

Here's a Jedi Defender linky for you guys since they're a sponsor. :x

Shameless plug, but every lil bit helps.

I'm putting an order in on this now I think.  One of my favorite ships in the trilogy and the toy's pretty damn accurate all these years later...  wrong paintjpob (not blue-grey enough) but neat for an earlier model squint in the primer colors.

It's one of the only things I'm excited about in 2013.  :-\

dave in the basement:
That's a little pricier than I would like, but I'm sure I'll be preordering this before the day is done. Thanks for the link and pics!


I pre-ordered one of these and one of the Slave I this afternoon - used the Jedi Defender links for both. A little surprised at the prices - oh well - it's the difference between two of each and one of each for me....


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