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Toys R Us Vintage Bigg's X-Wing Fighter

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Looks good to me! I might actually get two or three, despite the wing markings.

Jesse James:
As much as I want the box, for completeness' sake, this is a pass unless clearance or the Biggs is significantly different if he's even included.

Needs spring action exploding feature with electronic scream dialouge.  Also include vader's dialouge for no reason other than Vader is the star of everything. "I have the leader..."

THIS is very cool on Hasbro's part.  Ever since they introduced the larger X-Wing they've been giving us some individual fighters along the way.  First it was Luke, obviously.  Then Red Leader.  And there was Wedge, too.  Add in a couple of more renditions with Luke, of course (Dagobah, Trench Run).  And now Biggs.  I've got to say that I'm pretty happy about this.  And it's actually coordinated with a Biggs basic figure release.

I actually passed on the Trench Run X-Wing.  But I'm hoping that some of the updates that were in that version will carry over to this new Biggs version.

Very cool indeed. Can't get enough of these simple repaint variants.


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