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Target "The Rise of Darth Vader" Battle Pack

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--- Quote from: Jesse James on July 16, 2013, 09:00 PM ---You can't spell depressing without PRESS.

--- End quote ---

For the record, I did immediately press the button.

--- Quote from: CHEWIE on July 16, 2013, 11:00 PM ---Just another example of Hasbro being all over the place.

--- End quote ---

Hasbro isn't the only one... retail is also crazy. It's hard to notice, but next to the Vader sets are two Holocron Heist Battle packs... from 2010. I didn't check the price or snap a pic of both sets side by side, but I might do that tomorrow.

Jesse James:
I'd have ran those HOlocron Heist sets to a scanner to check them Greg!  Just for the fodder for, hopefully, really cheap.  Love the little fish guy and Weequay thug, and the droids are even cool...  :)  I'd have bought those in a heartbeat for sure.

To me, this set is clearly for kids...  I don't look at it and think anything else.  I think they took what toolings were readily available, and threw together something they thought kids would like...  The Emperor's a little surprising sure, but I think they just had this stuff in some kind of close proximity and it was easy to put together for Target who had a boner to put out something they think is "iconic" looking.

It's nowhere near my radar...  It'd have to be discounted steeply for me to care.  I'm also not its clear target audience though.

SDCC tag says retail price $19.99.

Sure, give or take $10.  ???

Jesse James:
I'm sure somehow it's a Hasbro conspiracy though.  :-X

I saw this today at a local Target that had mostly reset. Did not think to check the price though. It struck me as pretty hefty compared to their other recent BP packaging.

They also had out the mission 2-packs, and a lone R4-P17. No sign of the 12" Vader or any of the 6" figures, although I am pretty sure those hit and just sold out right away.


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