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The Black Series 3.75" - 2013 Wave 2

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ThIs and the Kmart 2 packs might suck me back in. 

The sculpt looks old to me. I'm eager to see if they'll ever re-do the hip joints, a bit of an eye-sore for me with the vintage collection editions.

Isn't it just the Dewback Sandtrooper, minus the Sandtrooper gear?  Looks that way to me.  Here's a pic of that one for comparison.

It still doesn't look like any Stormtrooper from the movies, IMO. They just cannot get the helmet right for some reason.

Jesse James:
I didn't think it looked new but wasn't sure...  Same ole same ole...  I prefer the clean Sandtroopers...  You got more gear thus more value.  More troops are nice but for $10+ you seriously need to put some new in there for anyone to care.  Ball jointed wrists or at least a lot of rehash weapons n gear.


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