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The 41st Clone Trooper is definitely a bit of a question mark.  They appear on Coruscant in the standard phase II armor with grey markings.  But then they're also on Kashyyyk in the camo Scout Trooper type armor with Gree. 

Since Luminara is in the wave, and she also appears on Kashyyyk in ROTS, one can certainlly assume that this might be a link that would suggest the Kashyyyk troopers.  Especially considering the recent re-release of the AT-AP.  But I guess we have to wait and see!

Nice figures, and a little more exciting than Wave 1.  I guess it just doesn't seem too exciting since we've already seen these before, and even then they were a lot of "oh, we've had that before".  I definitely don't mind resculpts of previously done figures, I think I like them more than a lot of people here actually, but I think they could have mixed things up a little more with these waves.  Re-use some of the droid factory stuff, but maybe sprinkle in a couple of things we haven't seen before too, but then again, I suppose things may have been rushed a bit with all the movie shifts/etc.  Again, I'll pick up some (all the OT ones, and some others), but it will be easier to pass on others with no build a droid or vinty packaging.  I don't really mind the Black Series packaging either though, it is fine for filler until vintage hopefully returns ;).

Hmm, the Jedi and Luminara are my definite pick ups, and probably the Stormtrooper. You can never have enough. Though I bet it winds up being that black pauldron Sandtrooper we saw originally, which I'll pick up one or two. Amazing what a new gun and droid will do to get you to buy a figure.

Still not that exciting. I dont know what would to be honest though.


--- Quote from: Greg on February  9, 2013, 08:20 PM ---
--- Quote from: SnTrooper on February  9, 2013, 07:19 PM ---I think that the Stormtrooper and the 41st Clone are actually the Sandtrooper and 212th Clone since neither the stormtrooper or 41st were part of Legacy.

--- End quote ---

Hopefully this is the case. I was actually very excited for the Sand Trooper, and the 212th Clone had nice paint apps. Either way this sounds like a decent wave, and I'll probably pick up all six figures plus some extra troopers.

--- End quote ---

May be the case.

But, few were entirely happy with the short 41st Clone in Kashyyyk armor, so it would not be surprising they have a do-over planned. If the two realistic Clone wars releases have been booted out (it's not clear), that leaves the other 18 revealed releases from BAD plus one.

Or it's a *snooze* landing platform repaint of phase 2.


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