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Hasbro 2013 Star Tours Box Sets Revealed


Available first at Star Wars Weekends 2013 in Orlando this May; should hit the rest of the Walt Disney World shops in Florida and Disneyland stores in California later in the summer.

Jesse James:
I so want two of the first set...  those are pretty slick repaints and the seeker's a nice way to get it and avoid the 2-pack I have no interest in we saw at Toy Fair.  Very excited for this set at this point.

Yeah, kind of neat to see that Seeker Droid recycled already.  I'll probably grab both sets.  The signal droid is a great hangar fodder and I love the suitcases too.  Even the 3PO is a nice sculpt to re-use in a set like this.  I'm expecting they'll be like $30 each, but it's not like there is a lot of other stuff to buy this Spring/Summer. :P

I really hope these are in the 25 buck range, but we will see.

I am anxious to see what Disney will do for Star Wars Weekends now that they own the property.

exclusive figures every year? who knows

But these sets will be around for awhile and they will be made available at probably downtown disney and every park, except animal kingdom


Jesse James:
The more I look the more I may want both sets and 2 of the top one.

The droids wiring in the bottom set is really nicely detailed, and again repaints are fun different droids/figures.

If a repaint of that starspeeder happens, I'm all in again.  It's without a doubt a great toy. 


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