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Defender Wishlists 2013: The Phantom Menace

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Please have all votes in by Monday

Anyone not using all 10 slots will have their empty slots filled with Jar Jar Binks variations.

That sounded a tad creepy.

1. Jar Jar Binks (extended tongue)
2. Jar Jar Binks (swimming)
3. Jar Jar Binks (scared face)
4. Jar Jar Binks General of Grand Gungan Army
5. Jar Jar Binks (numb tongue/mechanic)
6. Jar Jar Binks (Boonta Eve spectator)
7. Jar Jar Binks (Mos Espa market thief)
8. Jar Jar Binks (Kaadu Rider (mount SOLD SEPERATELY)
9. Jar Jar Binks (Behind the Scenes...alternate Ahmed Best head and limbs)
10. Jar Jar Binks (Sound chip includes "How Wude" "Meesa no think so!" "Meesa called Jar Jar Binks" "Go, Ani!")
11. Jar Jar Binks (Naboo Swamp aka...just some muddy deco he probably didn't have in the film)




#01 Tey How
#02 Kitster Wald
#03 Captain Panaka
#04 PK Droid
#05 R5-X2
#06 Elan Mak
#07 Ann and Tann Gella
#08 Ark Roose
#09 C-3PO
#10 Senator Palpatine


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