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Defender Wishlists 2013: Attack of the Clones

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My AOTC top 10 for 2013 ( in hope to see one day all-new figures)  ???

 1-  Padmé Senator

2- Sarissa jeng

3- Sar Labooda

4- Cliegg lars

5- Queen Jamillia

6- Padmé lake retreat

7- Khaat Qiyn

8- Toonbuck Toora

9- Tikkes

10- Gilramos Libkath  ( Nute Gunray's aide)

01. Cliegg Lars
02. Padme (Senator)
03. Tikkes (or Tessek)
04. Dorme
05. Padme (Nightgown)
06. Padme Lake Retreat (Rainbow Gown)
07. Padme (Apartment Packing)
08. Padme (Picnic Dress)
09. Baby Boba
10. Onaconda Farr


#01 Cliegg Lars
#02 Tikkes
#03 Padme Amidala (Senator)
#04 Toonbuck Toora
#05 Boba Fett
#06 Dorme
#07 Gilramos Libkath
#08 Onaconda Farr
#09 Padme Amidala (Lake Retreat)
#10 Padme Amidala (Picnic)

So a buncha people in fancy robes and gowns. And Lars and Kid Fett.

Jesse James:
Not much there I'm excited about...   Cliegg I can dig, Toonbuck and the Quarren are ok...  not great but ok.  And I'd really REALLY like a new Baby Boba...  But beyond that, meh.

Figures I would like?  Resculpt Clone Trainee in blue and red decoes...  A folding Droideka...  New Typho Pilot.  New Padme Pilot.  Super Duper Jango with balljointed hips and wrists, all his doo-dads (detachable), both packs, helmet with a movable range-finder, a belt/holster with thigh-straps sculpted to it, and of course the proper color...

Jango and Boba would be my tops.  Outside that, I'm really not into much AOTC at all.  It's like TPM to me.  Old hat.  Jango and Boba really do need some upgrades though IMO.


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