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Wow.  I have never had this happen before.  I just opened my realistic Clone Wars Obi-Wan and found out he had two left hands.  Has this happened to anyone else?  I have maybe 500 figures with wrist joints, the fact that this has never happened before is pretty amazing.

I've had a figure or two with the same foot before.  Also ball joints fused/melted into the regular limb.  That was the most frustrating because it happened on my Satipo figure from the Indy box set.  Still kinda pissed about that one.

Jesse James:
My realistic CW Ahsoka had two of the same feet so I got another one cheap and my mix-up went into the fodder bin...  It happens.  I've maybe had 4 or 5 figures out of the thousands total I have that it's happened, but it does happen.

Two figures from Hong Kong seller. One was a scout trooper with two right calves/ankles (two holsters!). The other was a less noticable Juno Eclipse with two right calves. I had copies of both, so no biggie.

Reminds me of the Jedi Luke that came in the POTJ Skiff with the hips on backwards.


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