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2013 Disney Star Tours Mickey's Jedi Starfighter

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Did I miss the thread mentioning Mickey's Jedi Starfighter, which uses the 2005 mold, it seems.

Jesse James:
No miss on this, I think just little interest...

Take the Mickey logo off the wing, I'm actually probably in on this ship because it's a wild deviation in paint schemes...  I've wanted the droid as it is but not at the price they want.  The ship's great, except that stupid ass Mickey logo, which I get why it's there, but it kills that as a purchase for me.

Just adding some extra info that has come out in the comments section of that blog post...

"the R2-MK droid that comes with Jedi Mickey’s Starfighter is compatible with the Droid Factory. In other words, you can interchange parts."

"The Jedi Mickey Starfighter has a retail of $34.95 and the item number is 400007495487."

So, the old style ROTS-Starfighter plus an exclusive BAD R2-MK for $35.  Not too bad for an exclusive... 

Jesse James:
Yeah these days, that isn't a bad deal at all...  Might be worth nabbing and wiping the Mickey off the wing.

Hmmm...  I wanted the droid anyway too.

I actually like the Mickey Jedi Starfighter...but I've been kind of a sucker for the Disney stuff.


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