Author Topic: San Diego Comic Con 2013!  (Read 9062 times)

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Re: San Diego Comic Con 2013!
« Reply #75 on: July 27, 2013, 08:54 PM »
So, looking back at the show overall (now that we've moved onto CEII), what were you most excited for that was shown/talked about at SDCC?  Granted, there wasn't a lot to go on.  I'm still looking forward to that vintage packaged Slave I that is on the way, although that isn't necessarily "new" news.  It may sound like blasphemy, but at the moment I think I'm most excited for the 6" line.  I'm still a 3 3/4" collector through and through, and will be buying some from each of the waves we've seen, but I can't say there are too many figures that are making me think "wow, I can't wait for that one, amazing".  I'm actually a little excited for some of the OT-based Mission Series/Legends figures.  I know they are 5 POA, and I definitely don't care to see the entire line go that way, but I kind of like them for what they are....and appreciate the more manageable pricepoints.