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Realistic Clone Wars Wants?

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Jesse James:
Hard to discuss a hobby that's kind of dead at the moment, but I've heard good things about realistic Clone Wars figures.  With Scum's rumor of Cody, does anyone have a list of wishes for realistic style Clone Wars figures?

Or are you a "mains and done" kinda collector?

For me I was thinking mains and done, but at this point I'd take quite a few CW characters done realistically even at 5POA each...  Lil Ahsoka, CW Rex of course...  I'm thinking a new Baby Boba and some Death Watch could look pretty damn cool too.  Pre Vizla in particular.

A realistic Oppress would be interesting, as would Kenobi in his bounty hunter disguise, and even Dengar would get my attention since he's so significantly different to his OT character's look.

Trench would be a must since he was a big want for me animated as well.

Since CW is kaput as an animated line it's all there is to hope for 5 POA realistic sculpts.  At the proposed price, my curiosity is at least there.  They won't be up to my personal standards but at least they weren't $10 as well...  and they may be pretty damn great like Ellors Madak still looks on my shelf.

Anyone have particular wants?  Anyone into an extensive realistic CW line even?

If they have removable headgear, I'm far more interested than before too.  Little features may have my attention more if they're included.

Any of the bounty hunters would be nice.

Jesse James:
I'm kind ok with Bane, but he crossed my mind.  The animated one sort of looked realistic...  little exagerrated but not too bad.

Cato Parasiti would be on my list.

Embo, I'm kinda fine with him.

The two Drill Instructors...  I'd take them.  or rather retake them since I bought them.  Again, not bad but not great.

Clones would be high on my list though...  Sculpts are basically there, just a lot of deco and/or head/helmet changes.  Mostly anyway.

Part of me is still bitter enough to never want to see any Clone Wars figures made in a non-animated style, but the practical side of me says better that than nothing.

So yeah, I'll play. First off I would have to eliminate any sort of human likeness because Hasbro does such a poor job with these in their realistic lines, IMO.

There's a galaxy of great non-human or armored characters they could still do though:

Reiko Hardeen
ALL the bounty hunters from The Box
Spider Legs Maul

That's my short list I guess.

A realistic version of Cody seems rather redundant.  Wasn't he done in the TVC line, after all?  Certainly, Hasbro could try to achieve some savings by offering that figure up again as a live-action Clone Wars offering.  But doing so seems a little disingenuous.

As for other CW characters that would be worth translating into live action renditions?

-Darth Maul
-Asajj Ventress
-Savage Opress
-Pre Viszla
-Bo Katan
-Pong Krell
-Count Dooku


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