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NFL Offseason 2013


No draftniks in here?

Slow night for Skins fans, with no picks until #51, but interesting nonetheless. Only 1 QB taken and no RB's...odd year. Looks like some good depth falling to the 2nd round too.

I have to admit I love seeing that Teo douchenozzle getting nary a sniff from about 30 different teams. I'm sure someone will take him tonight, but refreshing to see people ignore the hype early on at least.

Who's getting the Honey Badger? From his rap sheet, seems like a perfect fit for the Cowboys.  :P

Huge night for the Vikings!  They got a stud in Floyd a much needed CB and a hopefully a replacement for Percy Harvin.  I think they gave up a little too much to get that third pick but it is exciting to have 3 #1s!!

Jets are still a joke  :-\

I'm pretty happy with the Packers getting not one, but two incredible RB prospects.  Green Bay's running game has been a weakness forever, so the thought of a decent ground attack paired with Rodgers & company is pretty damn exciting.  Go Pack Go!


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