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J.W. Rinzler's The Making of Return of the Jedi



Out this October.

Several rare pics here.

Can't wait!


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Although it has been a slow process (tough to find time to sit and read for very long), I've been making my way through this book over the past few weeks and really enjoying it.  I've loved all of these books, but this one really has a lot of insight in the planning of the movie.  I'm currently on the section (starting about pg. 62) that covers the story conferences held between Lucas, Kasdan, Kazanjian, and Marquand...and it is really interesting.  Some of the ideas that were had but not used, some that were changed, some things that were dropped....and disagreements that were had.  Actually pretty candid the way it is presented here.

It is also funny to see in this section the ideas and/or explanations that Lucas had for certain things that have since changed.  In these discussions he talks about how anyone can use the force, but only some study/practice it enough to use it.  Also, he discusses how Yoda isn't a Jedi himself, the Jedi are the fighters and Yoda doesn't fight ;).  They also discuss "coping" with Billy Dee, and finding him something to do because - at least from their discussions - they thought he would believe himself the star of the movie.  Anyways, it is just interesting to read these conversations, and what came from them.


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