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Carbon Freeze Me or make yourself a Stormtrooper!

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Jesse James:
I recall seeing, not in person but a photo of, one of the carbo blocks...  pretty decent I thought.  I'm curious to see the Stormtroopers now since there's a bit more to those.

Jesse James:
Was just thinking about SWW's because 2 of my local buddies are going, and I REALLY wish I was able to go too...  Kind of a bad time of year because of hockey playoffs though, hah, but yeah I'd really like to go...  This is the kind of one-off souvenier that would rope me in too, as I really think this is an ideal thing to remember the trip...  I'd want both, sadly, but the Stormtrooper's really awesome, plus they're doing male and female bodies which is fantastic. 

It's expensive I think, but I'd be roped into this if I were there.

Looks like the D-Tech Me experience is making a return to SW Weekends this year, but with a few new options - two new figurine types (Alderaan Princess and X-Wing Pilot) and a new scale (16" inch figure).

The 7" figurines are $99.95 each plus shipping and applicable sales tax.
The 16" figurines are $1,499.95 each plus shipping and applicable sales tax.

Twice as big... 15x the price?   ???

That has to be a misprint, right?  I could see $149.95, but $1500?  Wow.

That's what a lot of folks were hoping, but the Disney blog author confirmed the price in the comments and it's what they're charging when ordering a 16" figure online (an option only for those who have a D-Tech Me scan on file with Disney).


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