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Electronic Arts acquires the Star Wars license

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Jesse James:
I have to dust off Republic Commando or my Gamecube to have good semi-recent SW gaming experiences...  Every time I think about that I'm just a bit dejected.  I'm open to this...  I think EA may do some great stuff.  Give it time.  It's a big property...  you never know.

Qui-Gon Jim:
I'd love for them to revive the Rogue Squadron series.

Jesse James:
As much as I found the RS games ok, I think they'd be far further ahead doing a new flight sim than what ultimately I think would be a flash in the pan on a console.  I think it'd have more life ultimately.  Flight sims still are popular PC games ultimately.

I for one am glad I am held off from selling my stock in EA - I thought SWTOR would have done wayyy better than what it did. this can only mean good things for stock prices imo

 ;D I just looked up prices and they are indeed up up up    ;D

The best Star Wars game of this entire generation was made out of Legos.  That's why neither of the recent stories involving the license bother me.  Looking forward to seeing what DICE and especially Visceral have planned.


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