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Lots of the figures were never made by Kenner.  :-\

I think its a cool idea, but would like to see more comments or visuals.  I'd ad least put in the side and back shots for each figure and a group shot where you can.  Maybe highlight if the figure is entirely new or uses some rehased parts, whether it was available on cards, etc.  I do like the 4" figure reference - maybe a movie picture reference as well?  Might me some liability issues there I suppose.  Cab's right - you would have to show a few of the more modern 4" figures in some places, the the Prequel waves, Toy Fair Vader, Maul & Speeder, Holographic figures, etc.  I'd probably pay $30 for something with all that, but not up in the $70-100 range.

Thanks for the comments guys. Like I say early stages on page design but definitely on the back and side pics and was going to have the accessories as a single pic as well. Group shots most definitely, thought open each series with a group shot... And yeah annoying to have to use some modern, see how that part pans out. Anybody any ideas on who I'd need to talk to to make sure this could get out without upsetting licensing? Medicom maybe? Lucasfilm? Going to start work on getting the pages properly laid out, will keep everyone updated! Again thanks for the support!

Its my understanding that you own anything you photograph or record unless you are doing so from a copy of someone else's work.  For example, you can put pictures of your NFL jersey in your book, but you could get in trouble for using the NFL's picture of the Jersey or even a picture taken of the game without their written consent.  From a toy aspect, as long as you use your own pictures of the Kubricks and the 4" Figures, I think you would be fine.  However, you would want to secure Disney permission to include pictures or screen caps from the movies themselves. 

There's some light background on this via the site below...

Thanks dude, most of the stuff will be from my collection and any willing fans of pieces I don't have, so on that front should be ok. I'm guessing that would be the advantage of only having toy shots... Hmmm... I've contacted a few authors of other Star Wars fan books so that would hopefully give me some insight as to how they did it...


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