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JTA's reporting that these figures are confirmed for the Black Series:

Darth Plageuis
Stormtrooper (Episode IV)
Clone Trooper (41st Legion)
Commander Neyo
Mace Windu (The Clone Wars) confirmed for release
Luke Skywalker (Jedi Training)
Yoda (Jedi Training)
Wedge Antilles (Snowspeeder Outfit)
Darth Vader (Episode III)
Toryn Farr

Rune Haako:
No need for another Vader, but Plagueis? AWESOME!  :o

I hope they give Plagueis two different interchangeable heads, battle-damaged with breathing apparatus, and normal.

I bet Neyo comes with a realistic WAC.

If this is true, there are some decent figures on the list.  Vizam, Toryn Farr and Snowie Wedge are cool.  Dagobah Luke has been on people's list for a while, as well as Merumeru.  I wonder if the Snowtrooper will be the sergeant?

Hrm.  Looks like 10 resculpts and three NEW figures (Merumeru, Toryn, Plageuis).  Not exactly a lot of "AWESOME!" there.  Don't get me wrong, some of those resclupts are long, long overdue (Snow Wedge, Dagobah Luke), but I can't get excited about more Vaders, Storm/Sand/Snowtroopers or Clone/Commanders at this point. 

Still patiently waiting for a new movie Chewbacca (2009) and new Han Solo (2011).  Both of those have been mired in "re-release/repaint" hell for years now.  :( 

This list is based on what information? At this point I gotta wonder.

Didn't they make Vizam already, maybe not ideally...but unmade skiff guards should take priority over 90's do-overs.

Plageius flies in face of what I thought was a movies only  plan on this series.

All new Stormtrooper or Snowtrooper sculpts that will be like the current clones and look strange next to what we've been buying for years? Or just rehashed stuff? There's room for improvement, to be sure.

Darth Vader sounds like the most believable thing on that list.  :P

Honestly, the choices aren't bad, but the list is half boring. I don't even care about redoing all the movie clones. They've had a few tries to get the 41st one right and blew it.


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