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LEGO Sets - Do You Keep the Boxes?

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Mike Shaeffer:
Just started getting into the bigger sets the last few months. I have kept the boxes so far. I'm usually not a "keep the packaging" guy, but it feels wrong to part with them. Especially since they hold the booklets and the extra pieces.

That being said, if it becomes a major problem, I could get rid of them.

Jesse James:
Condense is my advice...  Put paperwork and such into small ones, small ones into larger ones, larger into big ones, and so on.  I tend to throw out boxes of sets that linger and hit clearance unless I can fit them into a big box of some sort and it not be an issue.  I do this about a series at a time...  like for The Hobbit line I did this for that whole line putting it into the biggest box.  I threw out the Tree box as I recall, kept the rest for the most part.

OK Here are 2 options. 1. Put smaller boxes into larger boxes to save space. The boxes mean nothing when putting your sets away. Use ziplock bags like everyone else. However 2. If the boxes are from the 1990's and early 2000's, then sell them. You will make some money. Anything after 2005 ish is worthless.


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