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Looks like they have listings for 4 figures: Gerry Lane, Paramedic Zombie, Special Forces Zombie, and Civilian Zombie. I guess they are from Jazwares?

I can't say I'm overly impressed but am enjoying the book so if I can find them at retail, probably TRU I am guessing, I may be down.

I found Wave 1 at TRU yesterday and pounced on them for $15 each. I figure this line is going to have a very brief life.

I see they are advertising an SDCC Gerry Lane exclusive but he looks exactly the same as the regular single carded version that had been shown previously. So not sure what, if anything, is unique about that one.

I saw these figures at TRU today... YIKES! I saw four different characters, with two of each figure present, and every single one had terrible paint applications on the eyes. I had thought I would pick up these figures upon seeing them in person, but I happily left them on the pegs. No derpy zombies in my collection.

Yeah, I picked up a googly-eye Gerry Lane and Paramedic Zombie last week to complete my collection. I doubt we'll see any past those first four. (thankfully)


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