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With the compressed schedule and draft coming up this weekend already, I have to fast-track the creation of this one...

Draft coming up this week.  I know Brent and I both love us some NHL draft-watching, anyone else?

Will be a bit of a bummer not having a first rounder this year (so far), but I'm expecting the next few days to be filled with a ton of trades and buy-outs as teams get ready for the draft and the huge dip in the salary cap for next year.

Rumours abound about the Jets trying to trade up.  Or down.  Maybe.  I don't know, but Chevy better dang well do something this year aside from the waiver wire.  We can confidently say we know what we have in our team now and it happens to be the Atlanta Thrashers.  Go figure.  Blow it up Chevy. 

Had to laugh at Bryz getting bought out.  Maybe he's thinking he can find a park in Winnipeg now that he's got 23 mill in his pocket. 

I do agree though, next several days should be really interesting.  Here's hoping we can sign our guys for some bargain deals and pick up some of the buy-out castoffs at reasonable dollar amounts.  And maybe a Clutterbuck.   :P

Jesse James:
Pens are working a lot harder to sign Cooke and Dupuis than Letang, which isn't a surprise because he's a tougher sign and has more time than the other two, in which to get a deal done if they're gonna.

Frankly, I think Letang's days are done here.  He'll want too much.  He's a Staal waiting to happen I'm afraid.  I like him when he's paired with a good shut-down guy.  Niskanen was NOT that guy.  ::)

Scott: has Paul Martin played for the Pens?  Little known fact (which I've repeated many times) I used to babysit Paul when I and he were is cool that I was able to teach him everything I know about Hockey and he took that tutelage and went on to the pros.

Jesse James:
I was 100% for dumping him after last year, but this year he was widely regarded as our best defenseman.  Amazing how a guy can turn around like that.  He was great going North, but was responsible defensively all year and throughout the playoffs.  Really showed he can QB a powerplay.

A lot of people think he'll mentor Simon Despres as a D-Man since Letang's most likely leaving and kind of replaced Gonchar, though like I said Martin was pretty solid all year whereas Letang was up and down, and his stats were largely padded with assists because of who he was playing with.

So yeah, I've totally reversed (especially if Letang's gone) and like Martin and how he fits into the blue line now.  They need someone like him to help with the younger players I assume will be coming up next year.


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