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Saw these at TRU yesterday for the first time and ended up picking up the lot. (Crimson Typhoon, Gipsy Danger, and Knifehead) They were only $15 a piece and I had a coupon for $5 off, so what the hell. I can always return them if buyer's remorse sets in, but so far I feel pretty damn good about the purchase. I don't think these will be sold many places and may disappear quickly. Plus I just think the movie looks all kinds of awesome.

Saw pictures of Wave 2 from SDCC last night. Eureka Striker looked terrific, and Leatherback is HUGE! Good luck getting him on a card. Was really hoping we would get a confirmation of Wave 3 this weekend though. Fingers crossed. Cherno Alpha or bust!

They also showed a gigantic Gipsy Danger, at least a foot high if not more, very impressive. Have not heard what this is or if/when it is being released though.

I think they're doing an 18" Gipsy Danger.



--- Quote from: efranks on July 20, 2013, 12:54 PM ---I think they're doing an 18" Gipsy Danger.


--- End quote ---

Yeah, I saw it on eBay last night, from some seller in Denmark of all places. The thing looks awesome. I wonder what the MSRP will be here in the states.

Confirmation via Twitter last week that we are getting Cherno Alpha in Wave 3!  ;D

Sounds like Coyote Tango may be joining him. No word on which Kaiju will round out the wave, not Otachi though.


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