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Not sure if any of you guys are still interested in this but I just hopped in. I hope the stretch goals are reached.

Project is fully funded and first stretch goal was reached, almost at the second stretch figure.


We passed the Quetzalcoatl mark! On to stretch goal 3.

I finally just looked at this kickstarter.  That's actually some excellent work they have going on.

I'm thinking about pledging so that I can order the Screaming Eagle.  Maybe package 6.



I am in for the Raven, Q, the owl, and the white raven. Still want the vulture. I got a pair of wings and hoping the bone wings will be unlocked soon. Not sure how I feel about the flamingo if it happens.

I had to go look up the Flamingo.  That's ridiculous.  I love it.

I don't know why I posted package 6 earlier, package 11 gets all the cool stuff and then add on the Eagle.

Why does all the cool stuff cost money I don't have?



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