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I guess $60 isn't awful for 7 figures... it's still a crappy format though. 7 mostly unrelated figures, six of which are repaints. I would have loved to have seen the 212th single carded (especially instead of that grey stripe Clone), and another Sandtrooper would have been cool. The best part about this set is that it clears out most of the figures left in "limbo"; aside from Rex, Mace, and astros (which could easily be released on their own) everything from the original Droid Factory that we saw is slated for release. Maybe now we can see some NEW figures (not repaint, retool, repack) in the line.

Jesse James:

--- Quote from: Jeff on July 17, 2013, 09:53 PM ---
--- Quote from: Jesse James on July 17, 2013, 07:54 PM ---So now we know the value of 6 figures that are all essentially repaints and pack-in pieces...  $60.   :o

--- End quote ---

True, but if they had been in the basic line, they'd be $10 each anyway.

Wait for a nice Amazon sale to pick it up for $40 and it's like buying 4 and getting the two BADs for free. :P

--- End quote ---

True, but I could avoid buying them if the BAD concept were the same where I could get the parts I needed with other figures. :)  I had no interest in another Sandtrooper really, or the Clone, or the Geonosian...  Now, gotta get the set to get what I want.  That eats it.

But, I'm waiting for the sale too...  Trying to look at it that way, but waiting for a sale's tricky.  If I see the droids offered for cheap before then, I'm going that route.

I hope someone asks Hasbro for the 'real' details about this set. 

- some places are saying it's a 6-pack, but there are 7 figures shown - Sandtrooper, Battle Droid, TIE Pilot, Geonosian, Clone Trooper
- does it come with the tan BD shown or the Red one that was announced for the Droid Factory line?
- does it come with the orange Sandie shown or the black pauldron one that was announced for the Droid Factory line?

Would be nice to have those details settled...   if it is the Red BD and Black Sandtrooper, I'll probably wait for an Amazon sale into the $40-45ish range and then grab one.  If it's more tan BD and orange sandies, I'll probably just go the ebay route to pick up the two BADs and 212th Clone and ignore the others.

Hmmm...  the pictures from the panel seem to indicate that this set is six Droid Factory carded figures that will let you build TC-70 as the BAD -

Red Battle Droid
212th Clone Trooper
Black Pauldron Sandtrooper
TIE Pilot
Geonosian Warrior

Oh!  That's good news (for me).  I just want FA-4.


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