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Saw this over at Yakface (at SDCC):

I haven't been able to pick up many of these, but for some reason this just seems cool to me.  If we get a Taun Taun along with this recent Hoth frenzy they've been on, it would be tough to resist.

Jesse James:
This was awesome to see...  Rancor gonna happen?  Hmmm...  This almost seems to make Jabba and the Rebo Band a lock...  Maybe even Taun Tauns, Dewbacks...  Wow for GG!

A month or so ago I tweeted a "what if" about a Jumbo Tauntaun after the Hoth Han was revealed. GG was quick to response with a favorite. I guess I was sniffing around the right area and I full well expect a Tauntaun announcement by Christmas.

Jesse James:
I don't collect them, but I think the Jumbo Kenner stuff is their best work and trumps the bust market which, after seeing that Ackbar, is pretty well shot in the face at this point I think.

Jumbo Kenner is the real money maker...  Hell, a lifesize Vader Jumbo Jumbo?  I'm even thinking how cool that would be in a storage locker near me my collection room.

I love the look of the wampa, and a vinty jumbo dewback would absolutely find a home in my collection.
The jumbo line looks great, but space and costs have been a non-starter for me. Back in 1995, before 18 years of hoarding, I might have been on from the get-go.

It's been a great concept, they remind me of the 400% kubricks. the wampa, tauntaun, and dewback were some of my favorite kenner items, right after the at-at.


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