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Wonder Fest Summer 2013


space monkey:
The Summer Wonder Fest begins 28 July in Japan and once again Medicom will be there. No word yet if they'll be a carded exclusive like in previous years, maybe tomorrows update will shed some light on this.

Last Summer's Wonder Fest brought us the very underwhelming Royal Guard on a card and this past Winter there wasn't an exclusive but I enjoyed the previous chromed droids so I'll keep my fingers crossed for something.

I'll guess a carded Gamorrean Guard

I think they exclusive will be a bootleg S3 Logray on card, ...which might explain a lot actually.

space monkey:

I love this post. A reissued Logray would make my head spin.

I've seen pictures from the festival of Medicom's booth and there are no kubricks to be seen (no surprise there) nor a carded exclusive. In previous years I'm pretty sure they've displayed the carded exclusive among the regular products.

So no repurposed old kubrick put on a card for the Summer Fest just like the past Winter Fest, only new be@rbricks and RAHs.


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