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1/6 General Grievous


Jesse James:
Previewed a while back, the 1/6 General Grievous is up for pre-order out of the blue today!  A behemoth of a figure, I'm not quite sure where to place him in a collection...  He's a military guy, so I'd lean towards that side of things I guess but SS has him listed under Scum & Villainy...  that's odd.

I dig him, but $249.99 is a lotta moola.

The exclusive version has a damaged mask portrait with it.

I broke the bank with Vader, and even as cool as Grievous looks, I have to pass on him.  I think he may actually be worth that price because I'm sure SS had to design him from scratch, but he just doesn't fit into my collection easily.

Jesse James:
Yeah I think it's a hefty pricetag, but where will they ever use that again except potentially another Grievous?

I'd have preferred them, rather than separate arms, go with a lot of articulation.  Just my preference I guess, but I would prefer it one whole figure with all the bells and whistles rather than the extra arms and whatnot.  Hasbro did it ya know?

I'm not buying though, and just can't afford it after Vader.  Plus I'd rather have Vader anyway.

I bought one of these on ebay for a reasonable price and never got it sadly. Seller refunded the money.  Still on the hunt I guess. There are a few Sideshow figures I want now that I am back into the 1/6 Star Wars world.

Well, a year since my last post here and I picked this up. I traded in some of the Jumbo Gentle Giant figures and got this in exchange. Have not had a chance to display it yet since i am in the process of moving but the box is much bigger than i thought.


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