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Baltimore Comic Con


Didn't see a thread for this.

I'm going this year for the first time and was wondering if anyone else would be there?  Joe Kersavage, couple you guys probably know him, has been going for the last couple of years and loves it.


Jesse James:
Is it a big show Eric?

Pitt Comic Con's coming up soon too, but I don't tend to go.  I think Jeremy Bulloch's going to be at it though?  I heard that somewhere...  I used to go all the time, and wish it was somehow absorbed by Steel City Con, haha.  Be the ideal.

It's not that big, no, and it's centered around comics and not as much movies and TV like Wizard World has become.

I don't know if you can get a previous year's attendance numbers off their site, I didn't look.  But I know that Joe says it's easy to get in and very easy to approach the artists and creators...not as hectic as the larger shows.



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