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Does the Emperor Get Haircuts?

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Jesse James:
Like, seriously, I know we're to just accept that Han never changes clothes from Hoth to Jabba's Palace basically, but what about simple things like haircuts.  Who cuts the Emperor's hair?  Does he have a barber like on the Enterprise?  Is it awkward?

It seems like a really petty use of the force to just stop your hair from growing and keeping it perfect.

Is he particular, or picky?  Does he have a supercuts?

There are so many mundane questions for the Star Wars universe that haven't been answered.

Filoni will get to it in Rebels.

Jesse James:
If George doesn't get a wrap on the knuckles from the mouse that's possible.

Is Vader's meditation chamber also a toilet...I just assumed so.

What do they use for t.p. on Tatooine, there's no trees.

How can Chewbacca, the Ewoks and other creatures have names they seemingly cannot pronounce in their languages?


--- Quote from: Scockery on August  2, 2013, 11:10 PM ---What do they use for t.p. on Tatooine, there's no trees.

--- End quote ---

Moisture vaporator powered bidets.


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