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Jesse James:
Trailer posted for a comic, which is cool unto itself.

This will be the first comic series I've been excited about for Star Wars in quite a while and it won't even be part of the EU.  Go figure.

I plan to wait for a complete bound set of this though.

John C:
I am looking forward to this comic.  The preview in Star Wars issue 7 looked good.  Have you tried the Star Wars series? It is full of OT goodness.  That and Walking Dead are the only two comics I look forward to each month

I've got this series pre-ordered at my local comic store. Apparently it's selling fast!

Gotta say that this is a really awesome idea and the first issue (while a little confusing) was really cool.  Granted I had to squint at the iPhone version the designs and the look of everything.  Very McQuarriesque with nods all over to the OT and PT.  I give it a solid 10/10

My copies arrived today. While clearly Star Wars, it feels fresh and new. I agree with the confusing point as the names, places and story we've known influenced how i processed the story. I found myself flipping back and forth the first time through as I'd mix up Starkiller and General Skywalker due to their similar design.

It is definitely cool seeing some of those original names and concepts again and with Episode VII coming it will be interesting to see if anything from the early drafts makes its way in. If the name "Montross" doesn't make it into the sequel trilogy at some point I'd be shocked.


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