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2014 Wave 1 Sets Revealed

Very PT heavy, which means my wallet will be happy!

Seems like a lackluster list.  Just about everything is a rehash of some sort.

Yeah, kind of a boring list so far.  Is there anything OT in the regular sets at all at this point?  Kind of interested in the replacements for the planet series, those were pretty cool.  I've got the other sizes of LEGO Falcons so far, so I'd be in for that one - whatever it is.


Those Recruitment sets look... eh. Might just snag them for the minifigs and extra parts. I'm all over that Royal Guard battle pack though. Also note the new deco for Chewie!

The micro fighters look silly, but I can see where they might appeal to younger kids more than the planet sets.  Not interested in much of anything here except that Imperial Guard/Gunner set.


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