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2014 DC Multiverse 4" Figure Line

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Thanks to Brian for reminding me to start this thread...

Anyone excited for this new line next Spring?

Just like my complaints about the DCC stuff - why the heck are they wasting time/effort on video game 4" figures before giving us nice, classic comic costumes?!? Ugh.  ::)

I have zero interest in the DCC God Among Us/Injustice 4" stuff and I have no interest in the Arkham City/Asylum Batfigures in Multiverse Wave 1.  :-\ 

Wave 2 looks promising though... not sure if it will be all Keaton-Batman wave or if it will be more of a classic DC movie wave with Reeves Superman too.  Guess we wait for NYCC or NYTF to see that wave...

I dont remember hearing about or seeing these. Any pics?

You can see a bit of them within this gallery, but there are pics of other DC lines mixed in as well:

I'm sort of interested, but as Jeff said, I don't too much care for the video game stuff really either.  If they start getting into more comic styled stuff (like Marvel Universe) I'll take a closer look.  It is strange how Hasbro and Mattel seem to be going opposite ways with their Marvel and DC lines these days.  One starts to focus more on 6", one nearly abandons 6".

Looks like Mattel revealed some of the movie figures that will be included in this line, including Christopher Reeve Superman, Keaton Batman, Batman Returns Catwoman and Penguin, and General Zod (Stamp).  I have to say, from these pics they don't look too bad:

I am really excited for these. I've wanted Christopher Reeve Superman figures forever, and here we are. Very cool. Batman is great too.


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