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Jesse James:
There probably won't be massive lists for most here, but am I the only one who would rebuy a number of TVC figures if they did them better?

Hoth Luke comes to mind...  He's too tall, lacks the thigh-strap sculpted to the holster (I HATE it sculpted to the figure's leg), and I really thought the non-removable helmet and half-assed mask look was really bad, bad, bad.

This figure, to my eye, stands out like a sore thumb...  The height is my #1 gripe though.

Is there a TVC figure you look at, and really wish they'd redo him already?

Yavin Han... that one was inaccurate on some many levels.  ::)

Despite them being rather high up my wishlists I skipped Yavin Han and Hoth Luke. I definitely want to see both of them remade soon. Death Star Luke could use a resculpt too but I want a basic farmboy first. And I'd like to see Tarkin reissued with a sculpted lower tunic.

Jesse James:
Good choices...

I'd like to see Tarkin put out again...  a more grey tunic, tone the green down a little, but more than that I'd really like to see them put some $ into the headsculpt's paintjob.  It's not bad, but the paintjob really did no justice for the figure's likeness.  It was nice to finally get a Tarkin Vintage card, but it was not their best effort by any means either.  Too important of a character to piss away like that.

I'd agree totally on Ceremony Han though I never bought him.  For my $, he wasn't even counted in the line.  A major failure for Hasbro there...  No effort at all put into the figure, just new accessories more or less.

I'm surprised Jedi Luke got mentioned...  I consider him pretty perfect really, though a flap open version would be nice.  To be honest I liked the previous Jedi Luke's ability to swap chest pieces for open flap or closed flap on his shirt.  I thought that was truly innovative and creative on Hasbro's designer's parts...  take the wrist ball joints out and give back the removable chest bit IMO.

Tarkin, I can't believe I didn't mention him...  He wasn't as bad as people were thinking he was going to turn out, but he certainly wasn't nearly as good as he deserved.

POTF2 got all the coloring and deco right, even on the headsculpt.  The Vintage figure failed in almost every way but the figure's overall sculpt and likeness.

IF they do him over, with a plastic skirt piece, I'd prefer one like the Death Star trooper has that is very flexible for sitting.  Tarkin sits a bit, and I'd like the figure to be able to, as I'd like to display Imp Officers around their conference table at some point.

- Rebel Fleet Trooper: just needs the holster I think
- General Lando: terrible cloth cape, terrible headsculpt
- C-3PO: I liked the deco for the most part despite it not being vac-metalized. It just should have used the BAD sculpt from the beginning
- Royal Guard: Like Lando, the cloth outfit was a bit excessive, and could have been scaled down a little bit, or at least designed similar to the original Vintage version
- Yoda: design it more like that awesome SA Clone Wars version. Odd that that version of Yoda is the most definitive figure of the character that we've gotten since... the 90s? I don't see how the CW figure had ball joints out the wazoo and was perfectly scaled while the TVC Yoda had cut-corner limbs

I have others, but they're nitpicks at this point (like Bespin Han's vest being a separate piece)


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