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31" Darth Vader

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Man, I had no idea where to post about this, it's such a bizarre yet awesome item, but doesn;t really fit into a defined category.

But I finally saw the new JAKKS Pacific 31" Vader figure tonight at Walmart of all places, and damn that thing is impressive in person. I spent a long time on that aisle trying to figure out how I was going to be able to walk out without buying that, and after mentally rationalizing the price ("Hey, it's less than a dollar an inch!") and figuring out the biggest hurdle, where I would put it, I finally caved. For $29.97 it was just too hard to pass up. Seven points of articulation...

I heard a few snickers from people in the checkout line, but f em, this thing is crazy badass. Check it out!

My daughter with Vader

Awesome! I love this thing, snuck him in the house late last night and will surprise my daughters with it this evening.

They gotta do a Boba Fett now!

Jesse James:
Saw these and had no idea it was news.  Saw them last week...  I'm out of the loop on things outside Hasbro anymore.  ::)

I figured, oh well, it's something else...  :)  It is kinda neat.

I picked one of these up today, and for $30 I really dig it. There was really no good rationale for getting it- it may end up a birthday present for the nephew, or it may just take up residence in a corner of the basement. The price and size just made it too hard to resist.

I also would love to see a stormtrooper and fett. That would be enough though!


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