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Jesse James:
Kings in 5.  I can't see NYR competing with that and I think the cup final basically ended last night.

I'm torn about St. Louis... he didn't make a lot of friends the way he exited Tampa, but I love the little guy and have for a long time.  So I'm tempted to root for him, but yeah - Kings in 5 sounds about right.

Being a Rangers fan, I'm not giving up now.  Rangers in whatever it takes (at least 4).

Yikes.  Kings in 5 was too optimistic.

That game 2 loss was tough... especially since that goalie interference no-call really changed the moment of the game.  Or maybe I don't understand goalie interference because I see the Rangers called for it a lot and then when I see other teams do the exact thing there is no call.

In my opinion if player A shoves player B into team A's goalie, the penalty shouldn't be on team B... I think it's a dick move to get the call, but player A is gambling that he doesn't injure his goalie in that play.  Maybe I'm wrong... I probably need to brush up on the unofficial NHL rule book that is being used.

That said, Rangers did okay last night, just they couldn't get anything past Quick... so props to him.


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