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Clegg Holdfast still on the pegs

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Just like the General Rieekan, the second oldest figure is Clegg Holdfast at my local Rite Aid. We will keep an eye on him to see if he ever sells.

General Rieekan may have abandoned his peg but Clegg Holdfast is still there. Anyone need this guy?

The truly sad part is that they never made their pods.  They might have gotten me to purchase them if I could get their racing pods!

I think the sad part is that they marked him at $14.  Who in their right mind thinks that's acceptable?   He would have trouble selling at $5.

LOL, I just spied a Rieekan on the pegs at Rite Aid last weekend. Right next to a SOTDS TCW El-Les. (which I would have bought if it weren't $14, WTF?)


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