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Holy ****...Holy ****...look at what is coming next year all in Kenner style:

Back to the Future
Universal Monsters
Terminator 1 and 2
The Goonies
Escape from NY
Dark Crystal
Buffy the Vampire Slayer (TV Series)
Bill and Tedís Excellent Adventure

Wow....just, wow.  These have to be huge next year, right?  I would think so anyways.  I didn't get any of the Alien ones, but thought they looked pretty nifty.  Goonies?  I'm definitely in.  Maybe a few others as well, depending on price and all of that.  Pretty cool news, thanks for sharing Scott.

This is awesome, and likely to get me to purchase some of the 5 POA Star Wars figures to go along with these. I'm in for at least Back to the Future, and probably some stuff from Alien and Terminator.

Firefly?  Cool.  I hope these will be available at TRU or someplace like that.

It's cool to see that so many properties will be getting four inch figures. I just hope they won't all be $20 per figure like the Alien figures. If it ends up being a premium price for vintage quality, I will be more than happy to pass.


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