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Jesse James:
I'm into aliens terminator predator and eacapr from NY...  But like above not for $20/per. :(

Brian from ReAction posted about this in the RS forum over the weekend. (More specifically commenting on the strategic alliance with Funko)

The thing that bothers me is that they are saying now they they will send a free "mystery figure" out to all the people who pre-ordered the Alien figs directly from them. (The ones that went up on BBTS and EE were much cheaper)

But they don't say anything about the people who ordered the Early Bird sets getting the mystery figure too. And if anyone deserves it, it's that segment of collectors, the people that ponied up right away to help support the line. (Yes, I am personally invested in this)

The whole 2-pack prototype thing has left a bad test in a lot of people's mouths, so I hope they do the right thing and show us some love by sending out the mystery figure with all the Early Bird sets too. It's a real PITA trying to be a completist in this line and they haven't even been released yet.

It's an interesting choice of properties slated for next year, to be sure. Escape from New York figures? Only my favorite movie of all time, so bring em on. Aliens and Predator sound cool too.

Dark Crystal I don't really get because there actually was an action figure line for these, albeit stillborn.

The one I simply cannot believe they whiffed on is V. OMG, this is the one every 80's kid wanted! They actually had a line in the works too, just never materialized. I would buy those in a frigging heartbeat.

I didn't see the price point listed in that article, but assume it's from pre-orders.  Wow!  $20/figure... and 5 PoA, 4".  Definitely not worth it.  Especially since you can get some larger scale Aliens figures for a couple bucks cheaper with more PoA and better likenesses.  I guess we're paying for the nostalgia factor.

Steve, the original "ReAction" Alien figures set that kicked off this line this summer had a price of $20 each or $100 for the 5-figure set. 

But, with the new agreement with Funko, it looks like going forward they may be coming in closer to $15 each thanks Funko's increased production capability. 

Here's the thing McMetal was talking about - the freebie for the Super7 Alien  buyers and the updated price info:

Super7 x FUNKO ReAction Figures!

--- Quote ---Funko™ and Super7™ are excited to announce a new strategic partnership to debut and extend the ReAction Figure™ 3 3/4″ line..

One of the most unique and highly anticipated toys of San Diego Comic-Con 2013 was the pre-order and launch of Super7′s™ ReAction Figures™ Alien™ line. From the “Lost Prototype” 2-pack and Early Bird Kit to the the full reveal of the final Alien™ ReAction figures™ , the collector community was in a frenzied state over this new “retro style” look of toys within the action figure community. At the same time, Funko’s™ continued growth and expanding product line made it’s San Diego Comic-Con booth one of the single most travelled spots of the entire convention. After years of sharing the same aisle together, Super7™ and Funko™ saw an incredible opportunity to leverage each other’s unique business insights into a more strategic partnership. Beginning with the launch of the Highly anticipated Alien™ ReAction Figures™ and then several licenses to be announced soon, both companies look to establish a firm collaborative footprint in the market with the ReAction Figures ™ line.

Our original SRP was $19.95, and the 5 figure set was $100. Funko will be able to produce in much larger quantities and wider distribution, and has a $14.95 SRP, which is $75 for the set. We are aware of the discrepancy in price with the new agreement, so there is a additional, secret figure that will be included in the Super7 pre-orders that will be available only for those who pre-ordered sets of Alien from us, and will not be available anywhere else. (And preorders are long since closed.) We think it will be a nice thank you to everyone who believed in this project and pre-ordered ahead of time, being part of the excitement of the release of this long-awaited line of figures.

Thank you to everyone who has helped making this toy line come true – we have a lot more surprises in store for you!
--- End quote ---

That sounds neat, but my nostalgia dies around the $10 mark.

Universal Monsters had a Kenner-esque line from Remco that was good (especially for Remco).

Some company made a silly looking Terminator 3 3/4" line...years before Playmates. I have the endo skeleton figure.


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