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Let's light this candle.  :D

Peyton Manning is pretty good.

Wes Welker should not be back there catching punts. (Good hands or not, in jury risk is too great)

You would not know Baltimore even had 2 starting safeties based on the # of times their names were called last night. Elam was practically invisible out there. They miss Ed Reed.

A lot of FF owners are putting in waiver claims for Julius Thomas this morning. Myself included.

Yay! Football is back!

Denver put on a pretty incredible show in the second half.  Count me among those who thought Manning would be good, but not great this year.  7 TDs?  If Manning averages just 2.5 TDs per game the rest of the year he'll reach 45 touchdowns.  That's amazing.  Agree with you on Welker - I don't know why they're risking him that way.  Hell, put Decker back there and maybe he can do something productive.

Jesse James:
AFC north lol

Congrats to the Dallas Cowboys for FINALLY defeating the Giants at their new stadium. Only took four years. ::)

Lots of great games yesterday with crummy outcomes.  Packers lost to the 49ers - no surprise, but the incorrect replay of 3rd down mistake by the officals could have been a difference maker.  Bucs and Seahawks looked terrible on offense.  The Bears and Lions actually looked good and are tied for first now - unbelievable. The Sunday night game was the worst, with D. Wilson not only stuffed, but losing the rock twice and getting benched.  What an ugly week 1.


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